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I'm a 'stay at home mom' of 3 who loves to make things out of anything and everything. There are 3 times a year that are my favorite: Christmas, our Beach Trip and the local Bulk Pick Up time where I can always find wood, furniture, etc. Some of what I make was free from the side of the road or from my Grandparents farm and sometimes salvaged pieces from something that's broke heading for the trash. I like looking online to get craft ideas and hope I can spark a creative idea for you! I also sale Vintage Hat Reproductions that I make in my Etsy Store 'In The Makings", just click on the first widget to the right and thanks for looking!

"Ones' Trash Truly Is Anothers' Treasure"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Moms Diner Order Board

I saw someone on ebay had these custom boards for sale but i dont like to buy something if i know i can make it myself, so i for this used an old closet door (the shutter lookin type), foam poster board,  printed out the words, mod podge, i did buy the sign though

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