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I'm a 'stay at home mom' of 3 who loves to make things out of anything and everything. There are 3 times a year that are my favorite: Christmas, our Beach Trip and the local Bulk Pick Up time where I can always find wood, furniture, etc. Some of what I make was free from the side of the road or from my Grandparents farm and sometimes salvaged pieces from something that's broke heading for the trash. I like looking online to get craft ideas and hope I can spark a creative idea for you! I also sale Vintage Hat Reproductions that I make in my Etsy Store 'In The Makings", just click on the first widget to the right and thanks for looking!

"Ones' Trash Truly Is Anothers' Treasure"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Make Your Own Tiered Peasant Gypsy Skirt Calculator

I havent tried this yet but plan on it sometime, i thought i would post this "calculator" & instructions so you could draft your own pattern! Just enter you hip measurement and it tells the sizes all your pieces need to be instead of you doing the math yourself!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Silhouette Display

I found an old canvas picture in my grandfathers barn that was in very bad shape (except the frame), i ripped out the canvas pic thinking to myself "i hope this isn't' a famous million dollar painting' lol, i keep the canvas wood frame intact with the regular frame so it could give more layers and take up more space inside, painted the frame(which was dark wood color) and scratched it up to look old, the wire brush made the gray metal shadowy effect on it too, then stretched my fabric in the back and put my 3 girls' silhouettes on it, before each silhouette was in its own black picture frame.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book Bag and Laptop Bag

My husband bought a big roll of black 'pleather' and never used it for what he intended or should i say what he intended me to make lol, so i made a few book bags(from a pattern) and a laptop bag with a kitty cut out.

Crocheted Springer Spaniel

This was also made for my moms friend who have a springer spaniel, i couldn't find a pattern anywhere except a knit (and i haven't attempted to learn that yet), so just i just made one up. For his nose i painted brown and dabbed some lighter brown over that.

Crocheted Mrs. Piggy

My crocheted Mrs. Piggy that i made for my mom's friend. She was fun to make and she actually stands up by herself!

Mod Podged Coca Cola Paper Towel Holder

I took and ripped pic from a coke calender i had and mod podged it over one of those vintage wooden paper towel holders

Revamped KitchenAid Mixer

My grandmother gave me this mixer years ago and i painted it to match the kithen.

Fondant Cake

Also for my grandmothers birthday, all her life her work has been sewing on her old singer sewing machine, baking chicken pies & moravian cookies on a wood burning stove up till about 3 yrs ago when she had to be put on oxygen, so I wanted pieces that resembled all those things, she loved it!

Tiny Crocheted Wedding Cake

This was for my Grandmothers birthday, so cute! I forgot were i found the pattern for this online, but it can be googled.

Coca Cola Sign

I had the board custom made from Lazer Lizard on ebay (they also have a web site lazerlizard.com with good prices), bought the 3-D plastic coke bottle & old opener off ebay too, printed my letters out and put it all together!

Giant Granny Square Crocheted Bed Spread

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Krispy Kreme Chalk Board

Used half of the shutter type closet door, cut out the krispy kreme sign from the doughnut box and a little of the adhesive chalk board (comes in a roll), love krispy kreme since it was started here in Winston-Salem!

Moms Diner Order Board

I saw someone on ebay had these custom boards for sale but i dont like to buy something if i know i can make it myself, so i for this used an old closet door (the shutter lookin type), foam poster board,  printed out the words, mod podge, i did buy the sign though

My Tribute to Professor Snape

This was a regular mirror that already had these vases glued on, it was used flowers flowers, but to me they looked like potion bottles, I didn't have any paint stripper but saw online to use EasyOff stove cleaner to strip the paint,,which works! After I scrapped the paint off, there's the shiny coating, and used half water & clorox(store brand) sprayed in just for a second and got the spots. I did that part over the sink so i could have water to rinse off the bleach real quick. The bottle labels were a templet from online and soaked in concentrated tea to give the old look.

Distressed Shelf

Painted with acrylic craft paint, after it dried I used a wire drill bit (or you could use a coarse wire brush) then sanded a little more.

Harry Potter Proclamtion

Didn't have the house frame so i used my familys old Olan Mills picture frame(which looks better with the proclamation because we all know what those old Olan Mills pics looked like lol) and the bird I found at my grandparents farm

Old Window

Found this window on my grandparents farm, (i love scrounging around there), along with the burlap potato sack and a chicken feeder with dried flowers. Thought it would look cute as a window box.

Venise Lace Faux Chandelier

The off white one is a lamp shade covered in the lace
The black is from a couple of lamp shade support rings and a few wire coat hangers I bent and connected them all with some jewelry wire, theres no light in this one.

Soon I will have some of these for sale in my Etsy Shop!